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The MySmartGarden Advanced Edition is the perfect gift/gadget for indoor growing of herbs and plants. It’s LED lighting set up and watering system allows fast growth with minimal effort. This product allows you to grow up to 12 different plants all at once which are pest free and non toxic.

Simply fill your MySmartGarden up with water; mix in your plant nutrients, soak your Biochar Mud separately in a small quantity of water, then pop them into your MySmartGardens pod baskets. Finally, choose the type of seed you would like to grow. Prepare by soaking (time dependent on seed) and place 1-2 seeds in the seed insertion section in your biochar mud and leave your seedlings to grow.


- MySmartGarden Advanced Edition 

- 12 Plant Pod Baskets

 - 12 Eco-Friendly Biochar Mud Pods

- 12 Bio-Domes To Promote Accelerated Germination 

- Touch Screen Control Panel with 2 lighting option (Flowers/Veg) 

- Adjustable Height LED Grow Light

 - Water Pump to Circulate and Aerate the water in your Garden to promote fast growth

 - 2 Plant Nutrients Refills allowing you to refill your 4.5L Garden Twice (which is about 2 months worth of growth) 

 - Watering Buoy for Quick and Easy Water Level Checks

Benefits of MySmartGarden Advanced Edition:

- No Seasonal Restrictions  

- Low Energy Consumption

 - No Garden No Problem

- Intelligent Lighting

 - Soil Free

- Non-Toxic, Non-GMO, Non-Nitrate

- No Soil or Heavy Metal Contamination 

- Low Maintenance 

 - Lots of Fun

 - Grow Your Own Food For Your Kitchen

Why choose us?

Planters That Are Made To Last

An exciting new business born in the heart of Lancashire to help fulfil all of your gardening needs.

All of our products are handmade with pressure treated timber right here in the UK, by professionals who harness over 30 years industry experience.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality products and a great service, all products come with a 10 year guarantee.



Good quality product arrived faster than expected and was already in one piece. Would definitely order again.

Trust Pilot Review

We needed two bespoke sized planters and the MySmartGarden team quickly provided an estimate which we happily paid. And the lovely planters arrived within a week and look great. Now just waiting for the plants to into them.

Trust Pilot Review

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